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What should i do along with my CA or after finishing my CA?

  A question that constantly runs in the minds of CA Aspirants, yet many a time, they are unable to find answers for it at that time. First of all, many seniors or previous gen of Chartered Accountants, often suggest students to take CMA or CS along with their CA, encouraging them to become a 'Triplet' or 'Duplet' However, gone are the days when to become a CFO, you should be either a Triplet or 'Duplet'. Today to become a CFO or the head of an organisation or to be a part of Top Management, you don't need to have three different professional certification from the same country. Its enough if you are just a Chartered Accountant. Having said that, is Chartered Accountancy certification alone enough, for the rapid changes in the business, economy. Technological advances that are consistently happening in every field. I will suggest that in an effort to keep up with the trends and to be updated in all core fields, a student should also look at somethi
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Why does a good student from school fail in CA, CS or CMA professional examinations?

What is the reason for a student who has never seen failure, through their higher secondary, suddenly unable to perform in a competitive examination? Why are good students unable to perform when it comes to in CA, CS or CMA professional examinations? The student ends up feeling confused. To understand this we need to go back a few years in the life of the student. 14 years of school education have actually caused this. Knowingly or unknowingly, their school education has a protective support system, with clear guidance, supported by school teachers, parents & tuition teachers where they need the additional help. There is a regular process that is followed where the child is conditioned and supported by a regular format of education. The focus of the schools are to enable the child to get through the two boards, 10th & 12th. They are not wrong in their thought process. But the educational system makes the child dependent on the format & process. Students easily achieve

If I choose CA, is B.Com necessary?

Many questions linger in the minds of Commerce students who have just completed 12th grade. If I choose CA, is B.Com necessary? If at all i finally believe that i need to do B.Com, is it mandatory that i have to study the same in a college as a full time student. If i opt for studying B.Com by correspondence, does it have value? If i opt for studying B.Com by correspondence, will it affect my options later if i would like to do a Masters in the subject or an MBA or IAS or CPA or any other International Chartered Accountancy course? Time & again these questions have come in from the commerce students or their parents! Should we take a bachelors degree along with CA r CS or CMA? Yes! You must do your bachelors along with your professional course. Why should you do that? Because if you are only a CA not B.Com and later in life if you want to do higher studies abroad, then you will not be able to make the eligibility criteria for any International Universities or Colleges, wh

Is Mathematics required to pursue Chartered Accountancy?

A question that has always been top of mind for most Commerce students & their parents, with as many different answers that confuse. To provide clarity & before i say YES or NO, let me give you the background. Basically the students can be classified into CBSE & State Board. Until last year i.e.2019, CBSE did not classify their mathematics applicability for Science vs Commerce. They had only one Mathematics called General Mathematics, which was applicable for all. However under the State Board Syllabus, they had 2 options; Business Mathematics & General Mathematics. CBSE Students study General Mathematics & State Board study Business Mathematics. However there are students who do not opt for Mathematics during their 11th & 12th. They opt for Marketing, Computer Science or any other allied subjects offered. For these students, this question of whether Math is required for CA, seems to be pertinent. It is imperative that students understand whether they


Congratulations Class Of 2020! You aced your boards. Exam are just a test to check if you have been able to understand what you have been learning. Its just early training to cope with life's challenges with a progressive attitude, taking every step you can to move forward, without paying heed to obstacles that hinder or fearing them. Centuries ago, battles were fought with swords and shields. Today, battles are fought with knowledge, intelligence and degrees. Congratulations on empowering yourself. When this important year began, there is no way they could have foreseen such an anomaly event that would essentially hijack their final year experience. The world is facing a crisis that will be written about in history books. Our lives have been disrupted, and a cloud of uncertainty looms over us all. Over the past several weeks, I have spent a great deal of time considering what you must be going through as covid-19 has spread across the globe. As if class 12 isn’t already